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Our Veterinary Center

Noticed your pet’s health or behaviour is a little different lately? You might not be alone! Pay a visit to our quick and easy Q&A centre. The MyDogtor Veterinary Centre is here and ready to help whenever you need it.

Facilitate YOUR access to the vets

We have started a crowdfunding campaign enabling us to launch an online video-conference service. This will allow face to face advice with an online vet or with your referring veterinarian if he/she is listed on the platform.

We also aim to provide this service 24/7. This constantly available advice will help guide your decision regarding your pet, for example in the middle of the night if you are unsure whether there is an emergency or not!

Specialists will later be listed on the platform. Your attending veterinarian can then directly refer you to these specialists who will provide follow-up care from your home.

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We stand together during the crisis

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing the population into lockdown, making access to veterinary advice difficult. My experience working in clinics and in emergency veterinary hospitals has shown me how important the need for advice is to owners, and that it is not always available due to a lack of time and the saturation of phone lines (used for taking appointments, emergencies ...).

says Dr Catherine Hauw, Founder of MyDogtor

Because of the lockdown, vet clinics are only open for emergencies. One of the objectives of the platform is to help the vet teams who are still working, thereby providing more help to pet owners. In addition, this platform will later give you the option of pre-consulting with your veterinarian through video-conference, thus obtaining better monitoring of your pet's health.

The MyDogtor Team

A team of vets who want to provide free access to veterinary advice, for all.

All the veterinarians who take part in this adventure are passionate professionals, and to me it is incredible to be a part of such an important project

Batyah Ben-David, Veterinarian